Ensuring your financial prosperity
is our speciality.

Since 2005, Dealflow Founder and Certified Financial Planner has helped his clients to lay the foundations for financial growth.  As an award-winning Wealth Creator, Liron can draw on his years of experience and his world-wide contacts to help you lay out, and then meet, your financial goals.
In addition to their expertise, knowledge, and insight, Liron and the Dealflow team can give you access to a catalogue of growth opportunities, tailored to your specific wealth needs.

Let us help you build a profitable portfolio today.

Liron Mazor


You are already wealthy! Follow my path to now bring your
wealth into your reality !

Liron Mazor
Founder, CEO

Invest in innovation
and forward-thinking ideas.

What We Offer

The DealFlow Portal offers clients an independent platform for high-quality investments in Real Estate, Funds, and Venture Capital opportunities.

DealFlow specialises in findings combinations of alternative and historical investments that are not influenced by downturns in the stock market.

Looking to Invest?

The Hebrew Bible recommends dividing one’s investment assets into thirds – 1/3 in property, 1/3 in business, and 1/3 in cash.  

We at DealFlow recognise this as sound advice.  Speak to us for help in allocating your funds to bring you the greatest returns and finding the best buying opportunities.

Happy Clients

Individuals, independent advisors, and family offices have benefitted from the opportunities that DealFlow offers.

They have found success through the unique market investment opportunities that we offer.  We are happy to meet with you to discuss our wide range of similar options, which we can tailor to fit your needs.