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Investment Funds

DealFlow offers you index funds and also alternative funds. These invest in less familiar options but promise the same returns as the stock exchange. We have found creative ways to increase our clients’ bottom lines. Contact us for details and a conversation about how we can help you.
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Investing in property is an excellent way to diversify your portfolio, while lowering its volatility. The benefits are long-term returns that are not linked directly to the stock market.  Our world-wide contacts give us access to stable properties that are not yet on the market and so are available to you at unusually appealing rates.
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Venture Capital

DealFlow offers you the opportunity to invest in startups and small businesses that we believe have long-term growth potential. Venture capital allows you to support new companies that could become successes and provide you with impressive returns. We will guide you to these opportunities and track them in your best interest.
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Alternative Investments

Rolex watches are a great investment because the company has figured out the trick to making sure that the value of its watches stays high.  It creates a top-quality product (it takes over 500 hours to craft a single Rolex timepiece) and keeps the supply low.  The company knows that people want what is rare, special, and hard to find.
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Invest in innovation
and forward-thinking ideas.

What We Offer

The DealFlow Portal offers clients an independent platform for high-quality investments in Real Estate, Funds, and Venture Capital opportunities.

DealFlow specialises in findings combinations of alternative and historical investments that are not influenced by downturns in the stock market.

Looking to Invest?

The Hebrew Bible recommends dividing one’s investment assets into thirds – 1/3 in property, 1/3 in business, and 1/3 in cash.  

We at DealFlow recognise this as sound advice.  Speak to us for help in allocating your funds to bring you the greatest returns and finding the best buying opportunities.

Happy Clients

Individuals, independent advisors, and family offices have benefitted from the opportunities that DealFlow offers.

They have found success through the unique market investment opportunities that we offer. We are happy to meet with you to discuss our wide range of similar options, which we can tailor to fit your needs.

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