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Rolex watches are a great investment because the company has figured out the trick to making sure that the value of its watches stays high.  It creates a top-quality product (it takes over 500 hours to craft a single Rolex timepiece) and keeps the supply low.  The company knows that people want what is rare, special, and hard to find.

There are two ways to purchase a Rolex watch.  The first is from an authorized dealer, to whom you pay the price that Rolex has determined.  Rolex raises this number every year – another way to ensure that the value will never drop.  The second is to turn to the pre-owned market, which is thriving.  When buying a pre-owned watch, you will pay the market rate, which is generally higher than the authorized price, but history shows us that the value of the watch that you buy this way will only continue to go up.  According to Paul Altieri, the CEO of Bob’s Watches, the largest reseller of Rolex watches, the price of Rolexes has, in the past year, pulled ahead of the Dow Jones Industrial Average, unlike gold and home prices, which fell behind it.  As vintage Rolexes become scarcer, their value increases still more.

This is largely because of the limited supply.  People invest in Rolexes knowing that they are buying for the long-term.  Unlike a fancy car, whose value drops the moment you drive it off the lot and continues to go down for the life of the car, a Rolex retains its value no matter how much you use it (as long as you keep it pristine and undamaged; and Rolexes are hard to damage!)

Of course, not all Rolexes have the same value – vintage models and scarcer ones will always demand more of an investment than modern ones, but if you see one, it will bring you more as well.  But the newer watches are also high-quality, and their value will also increase.  Stainless steel Rolexes and the company’s sports models are the most sought-after watches, so hold the best promise for the long term.

When you buy a Rolex, you have the immediate pride of wearing a beautiful piece of art.  Rolexes’ innovative techniques have made the watches critical to leaders in every field.  And their craftsmanship means that they can last for generations.  You are buying a treasure, a legacy, that you will be able to pass down to your children and to future generations, knowing that you are providing them with quality and lasting value.

Liron Mazor

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